Mangos should be a staple in every kitchen. This superfruit can elevate any recipe and be used in countless ways. Whether blended, grilled, puréed, or sliced fresh, mangos are full of flavorful potential! Slice right in to unlock the possibilities.

Flavor is the heart of the mango’s appeal, but its nutritional benefits are equally impressive. Mangos boast more than 20 vitamins and minerals, and are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps support the body’s immune function.

Try these recipes to bring flavor, versatility, and nutrition to your menu!

• Unearth mango’s savory potential with our fresh take on the chicken sandwich: Mango Barbecue Chicken Sandwich with Mango Cabbage Slaw. This tangy, fresh mango-based sauce pairs with a bright, crisp slaw that’s sure to transform your plate into a joyfully delicious experience.

• Care for a drink with that? Our Mexican Mango-nada is ready to quench your customers’ thirst for a great time with sweet and zesty flavors. Utilizing the timeless custom of topping mango with Tajín seasoning, this drink is a twist on the Mexican classic.

• While mango proves it can be the star of any show, it’s just as dazzling when playing a supporting role—as in our Mango Charcuterie Board. Liven up your boards and raise a few eyebrows when you add a splash of pickled mango and spicy mango relish to the spread.

• Rise and shine! Take breakfast up a notch when you add mango to traditional breakfast sides, such as our Mango & Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash. Mango transforms this comfort-food classic into a joyfully delectable culinary awakening.

• Proving the mango’s versatility, the Mango & Frisée Chaat Salad uses the superfruit in four different ways. Frisée and mango work as a dynamic duo to make up the base of the salad, then mango is the hero of two different chutneys—one citrusy, one zesty. Finally, dehydrated mango lends a helping hand in the kale-chickpea chips, adding a satisfying crunch.

The mango’s versatility and year-round availability adds delicious layers of flavor to an array of recipes, from appetizers to entrées, from drinks to desserts.

Another quality that makes the mango the ultimate kitchen staple is ripeness. Every stage of ripeness offers distinctive flavor potential. For example, pick a Stage 2 mango (still firm to the touch) for making spirals, pickles, or chutney. And if you’re eyeing a mango dressing or marinade, reach for a soft-to-the-touch and juicy Stage 5 mango. There’s possibility in every stage of a mango’s ripeness journey. Get creative and explore what’s possible!

There is no question of the popularity of mango among today’s savvy consumers, even though mangos are not fully utilized on restaurant menus. 81 percent of consumers have tried mango before, and an amazing 79 percent say they “like” or “love” the sensational fruit. As for their willingness to order dishes featuring mango on a menu, 82 percent of consumers say they would pay more at the promise of fresh mangos.*

This love for mango is not going unnoticed as the chefs of more restaurants of all types are understanding the flavorful possibilities. Mango is currently featured on 40 percent of all restaurant menus and predicted to experience a further 8 percent growth over the coming years, outperforming 81 percent of all other foods, beverages, and ingredients.*

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*Source: Datassential